4-Move Workout That Will Strengthen Your Entire Core

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Plank it Out: Start with a classic plank, holding for 30 seconds to 1 minute, engaging your abs and maintaining a straight line from head to heels.

Russian Twists: Grab a weight or a household object, sit on the floor, and twist your torso from side to side, targeting those oblique muscles.

Bicycle Crunches: Lie on your back, mimic a pedaling motion with your legs, and touch your elbow to the opposite knee for an effective core workout.

Leg Raises: Lay flat on your back, raise your legs off the ground, and lower them slowly, engaging your lower abs.

Superman Holds: Flip over onto your stomach and lift your arms and legs simultaneously, engaging your lower back and core muscles.

Side Planks: Support your body on one forearm and the side of your foot, holding for 30 seconds on each side to target your obliques.

Mountain Climbers: Get into a push-up position and alternate bringing your knees towards your chest, firing up your entire core.

Hollow Body Holds: Lie on your back, extend your arms and legs off the ground, and hold this challenging position to strengthen your entire core.

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