6 Signs of Bad Gut Health |  According to a Nutritionist 2023

Persistent Digestive Discomfort: Frequent bloating, gas, or diarrhea could indicate an unhealthy gut, often stemming from imbalanced bacteria.

Food Sensitivities: Developing sudden sensitivities to certain foods might suggest an irritated gut lining.

Unexplained Weight Changes: An unhealthy gut can affect nutrient absorption, leading to unexplained weight gain or loss.

Fatigue and Sleep Issues: Poor gut health may disrupt sleep patterns and cause persistent fatigue.

Skin Problems: Conditions like acne or eczema may be linked to gut inflammation and imbalance.

Frequent Infections: A weakened immune system from a bad gut can result in recurrent infections.

Mood Swings and Anxiety: Gut health and mental health are intertwined, with a troubled gut possibly causing mood imbalances.

Chronic Bad Breath: Persistent bad breath may indicate an imbalance in gut bacteria or digestive issues.