8 things manipulative partners say to keep you in a relationship

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"No one will ever love you like I do." These words create doubt in your self-worth, making you feel dependent on their affection.

"You're too sensitive; I'm just being honest." Manipulators downplay their hurtful behavior, making you question your feelings.

"I can't live without you; you're my everything." They guilt-trip you into believing you're responsible for their happiness.

"I'll change, I promise." False assurances of change keep you hopeful, even when their actions remain unchanged.

"You're lucky to have me; no one else would put up with you." They undermine your confidence to make you believe you're lucky to have them.

"If you leave, I'll hurt myself." Emotional blackmail creates fear and guilt, trapping you in the relationship.

"You don't need friends or family; you have me." Isolating you from loved ones gives them more control over you.

"You're overreacting; it's all in your head." Gaslighting makes you question your perception, making it harder to leave.