9 Morning Workouts Under 5 Minutes

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Jumpstart Your Day with Jumping Jacks: Start your day with 2 minutes of jumping jacks to boost your heart rate and wake up your muscles.

Plank for a Strong Core: A 1-minute plank engages your core, helping with posture and stability throughout the day.

Quick High Knees: Spend 30 seconds doing high knees to increase your heart rate and improve leg strength.

Wall Sits for Leg Endurance: A 2-minute wall sit is excellent for building leg strength and endurance.

Morning Yoga Flow: Dedicate 5 minutes to a quick yoga routine to enhance flexibility and mindfulness.

Push-Ups for Upper Body Strength: Do 1-minute of push-ups to work your chest, shoulders, and arms.

Fast Bodyweight Squats: 1 minute of bodyweight squats helps strengthen your lower body.

Short Bursts of Skipping Rope: 3 minutes of skipping rope is a fantastic cardio workout.

Breathe with Deep Lunges: Finish with 3 minutes of deep lunges to stretch and strengthen your legs.