6'7" Giant Aaron Judge's Intense Workout

Gray Frame Corner

Planks for Days: Aaron Judge swears by planks to sculpt his core and improve stability, holding each one for at least a minute.

Medicine Ball Twists: He incorporates medicine ball twists to work on rotational power, an essential skill for his baseball swing.

Russian Twists with Weight: Judge takes Russian twists up a notch by adding weight to challenge his obliques and enhance his batting torque.

Hanging Leg Raises: To build lower ab strength, Judge performs hanging leg raises, targeting those hard-to-reach muscles.

Cable Woodchoppers: Cable woodchoppers are in Judge's arsenal to boost his core's functional strength and explosive movements.

Bicycle Crunches: A classic move in his routine, bicycle crunches help maintain his abdominal endurance throughout the season.

Stability Ball Rollouts: Judge uses stability ball rollouts for full-core engagement, emphasizing control and balance.

Pallof Press: To fortify his midsection, he integrates Pallof presses to resist rotational forces, key for his outfield play

Dead Bugs: These anti-rotation exercises help Aaron Judge maintain a stable core during dynamic movements on the field.

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