All the ways Travis Kelce’s life has changed because of Taylor Swift — in just a few days

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After filming his shot with Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce is currently experiencing stardom on a completely new level.

The Chiefs tight end described how he saw paparazzi outside his house in the most recent episode of his "New Heights" podcast, which shocked his brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce.

Taylor Swift attended the Chiefs-Bears game on Sunday and sat in Travis' suite with his mother, Donna Kelce, saying, "I'm on the rollercoaster of life," according to Travis.

"There are a few things I've noticed, like paparazzi outside my house and stuff like that. Absolutely, and they're all speaking with a European or British accent.

Jason couldn't believe it and questioned Travis's assurance that the photographers were outside his house.

Jason brought up his brother's special guest at the game and added, "I never experienced it, so I thought I'd ask."

How does it feel to finally be recognized by Taylor Swift? Travis thanked the 12-time Grammy winner "for pulling up" at Arrowhead Stadium in response to Jason's question.

Swift was featured on the Fox broadcast throughout the game and was seen cheering with Donna when Travis scored a touchdown in the third quarter of the Chiefs’ 41-10 win over Chicago.

She appeared stunning, and everyone had nothing but positive things to say about her. Additionally, the day was wonderful for Chiefs supporters of course.