Morocco Earthquake: Big Statement From American President Joseph Robinette Biden That Earthquake Victim will Get Relief

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A strong earthquake close to Marrakech, Morocco's ancient capital, left over 1,000 people dead and hundreds more injured.

The 6.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Marrakech on Friday night destroyed historical landmarks as well as residences in villages throughout the Atlas Mountains.

People are seen in video footage from the earthquake zone rushing through the streets in the dark amid these dust clouds in an attempt to reach some sort of safety as they are confused and terrified.

In a statement, President Biden expressed how "deeply saddened" he was by the deaths in Morocco.

He declared, "We are moving quickly to ensure the safety of American citizens in Morocco and stand ready to provide any assistance that the Moroccan people may require."

People who lost homes in Turkey's earthquake are still waiting for new ones more than six months later.

Many nations have also promised to provide aid, including France and Germany, both of which have sizable populations of Moroccan citizens.

According to reports, this was the Atlas Mountains region's strongest earthquake ever. However, there is a history of earthquakes in Morocco.

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