Bill Belichick: Cowboys’ Micah Parsons is no Lawrence Taylor

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When asked to contrast Giants icon Lawrence Taylor with Cowboys defensive end Micah Parsons on Wednesday, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick declined.

In Belichick's opinion, that is a waste of time.

According to Pro Football Talk, Belichick remarked, "I don't think comparing players like that, it's really — I would just say, I wouldn't put anybody ahead of Lawrence Taylor, period."

 "Now, perhaps I'm biased, but I saw that person every day for more than ten years and at that time, he tipped the scales.

So, until someone does that — and there are many great players, and I'm not putting anything down on anyone else

there are many great players that have been in this league, that are in this league.

But I personally don't think anyone should be put ahead of Lawrence Taylor. No, not yet.

Taylor was the focal point of Belichick's game plan as the defensive coordinator for the Giants, when he won his first two Super Bowl rings.

The NFL MVP in 1986 was a 10-time Pro Bowl selection who was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1999.

Before New England's Sunday matchup with Dallas, the Patriots' head coach was questioned about Taylor and Parsons.