Black girl ignored at gymnastics event in Ireland, Simone Biles reacts

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Simone Biles tweeted, "There is no room for racism in any sport or at all!!!!" on Friday in response to a viral video showing a black female gymnast being denied a medal at an Irish gymnastics competition.

A video from a medal ceremony in March 2022 at a Gymstart competition in Dublin went viral over the weekend.

 footage showed the athlete in issue skipping a line of young gymnasts waiting to get their prizes.

The event sparked a social media frenzy, with four-time Olympic gold medallist Simone Biles commenting.

An X user tweeted, "I would want to see @Simone_Biles reach out to this girl if she's able.

When word of this video spread, her parents contacted Biles, she responded. I gave her a short video since it made my heart ache to see.

"Please help me find this little child on Gymternet... I need you guys to find her, please, because this is extremely hurtful on so many levels. asap," the Olympian wrote on her X account on Friday.

Friday saw the release of a statement on the topic from Gymnastics Ireland.

"Gymnastics Ireland immediately contacted the family to express its regrets and to reassure them that the incident would be investigated," the group stated in a statement.