Boxing Nutrition 2023 | How to Eat Like a Boxer

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Lean Protein Power: Boxers rely on lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and fish for muscle repair and growth.

Carbs for Energy: Complex carbs such as brown rice and quinoa provide sustained energy during intense training.

Hydration is Key: Staying hydrated is crucial for endurance; aim for at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Healthy Fats Fuel Stamina: Avocado, nuts, and olive oil offer essential fats for long-lasting energy.

Load Up on Veggies: A rainbow of veggies provides vital vitamins and minerals for overall health.

Pre-Workout Fuel: Consume a balanced meal 2-3 hours before training to maximize performance.

Post-Workout Recovery: Opt for a protein-rich snack like a smoothie to aid muscle recovery.

Portion Control: Maintain weight class by monitoring portion sizes to avoid excess calories.

Timing Matters: Eat smaller, frequent meals to sustain energy levels throughout the day.

Avoid Excessive Sugar: Minimize sugary drinks and snacks to prevent energy crashes.

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