Chandler Jones bashes Robert Griffin III, Adam Schefter over well-being concern

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After further worries about the pass rusher for the Raiders' mental health surfaced on Thursday, Chandler Jones criticized former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III and ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter. 

Following Jones' weird 25-minute video that was shared to his social media accounts, Griffin, the former quarterback of the Commanders, pleaded with his followers to pray for Jones and his family.

"I'm not sure what's going on with him right now, but given what I've witnessed, I do know he needs to feel like his voice is being heard at this particular time.

I got in touch with him, and I urge all of his NFL brethren to do the same," wrote the former football analyst. 

However, the Raiders defender didn't seem to appreciate the post and responded on X with a shot at Griffin that has since been deleted.

"Bro, you cleaned up... RG this and that settle in. You twitter fingers, I'm still in the league," Jones wrote.

Jones also published a message on X that appeared to be a direct message from Schefter to him. 

Following multiple instances of strange statements posted on social media, there has been growing concern regarding Jones' mental health.