Charles Glass  (Godfather of Bodybuilding) :  Workout Routine

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Charles Glass: The Bodybuilding Guru – Charles Glass is a renowned figure in the world of bodybuilding. – His unique training methods have shaped countless physique champions.

Holistic Approach to Training – Glass believes in a holistic approach, targeting all muscle groups. – His workouts are designed to create a balanced and sculpted physique.

Customized Workouts for Individual Goals – Charles Glass tailors workouts to suit individual goals and body types. – This personalized approach ensures optimal results for each athlete.

Mind-Muscle Connection – Glass emphasizes the mind-muscle connection, focusing on form and technique. – This approach maximizes muscle engagement and growth.

Variation is Key – Charles Glass incorporates a wide range of exercises and techniques. – This prevents plateaus and keeps workouts fresh and challenging.

Intensity and Volume – Glass's workouts often feature high-intensity techniques like drop sets and supersets. – Combined with high volume, they stimulate muscle growth effectively.

Nutrition and Recovery – Glass emphasizes the importance of nutrition and recovery. – Proper fueling and rest are vital for muscle development.

Legendary Clients – Charles Glass has trained some of the biggest names in bodybuilding. – His client list includes icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Flex Wheeler.

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