Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo doubles down on Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce hate

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Many people around the nation are thrilled about the developing romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, but Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is not one of them.

When a clip of Swift watching Sunday's Chiefs game with Kelce's mother, Donna, was playing during the SiriusXM host's return to ESPN on Wednesday for his weekly appearance on "First Take," Russo lost it like only he can.

God, oh God! Check them out! She wasn't allowed in there by that mum! She desires to enjoy her son. Russo yelled.

And who goes to see their parents two minutes into a relationship with their girlfriend? That is never done! Then we have to depict them leaving. 

And all of a sudden she has become a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs supporter? She is unfamiliar with Lenny Dawson! "Oh, my God!"

Try someone else, urged Russo on "Mad Dog Sports Radio," "I'm not into Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce."

I don't care if Taylor Swift is naked in the box; I'm sorry, I'm not that interested.

Swift was present as Kelce put on a display, grabbing seven receptions for 69 yards and a touchdown in the Chiefs' 41-10 thrashing of the Chicago Bears.

Following the game, Kelce and Swift were seen departing together on their way to a restaurant in Kansas City where they would have a private supper with loved ones.