Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo rips Joe Namath for putting Zach Wilson on blast: ‘Gotta have Joe pile on?’

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Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, who has built a career out of offering strong criticism of athletes, particularly those from New York, criticized Joe Namath, a former Jet, on Tuesday for his public criticism of Zach Wilson.

The presenter of "Mad Dog Sports Radio" on Sirius XM, who previously praised Namath as "a very, very good guy" who "always signs autographs," then criticized Namath for criticizing Wilson on "The Michael Kay Show" on Monday on ESPN New York.

"Should Joe go on the radio? I adore Kay, too. But is it really necessary for Joe Namath to appear on Michael Kay's radio show and essentially label Zach Wilson's play repulsive?

But really, do we have to have Joe pile on now? This is why we need an 80-year-old man to appear on a New York radio show.

Basically imply that the Jets' quarterback is a failure and a rookie who is still learning the position.

Russo added that because Namath is the only "beacon of light" in the team's history

neither the owner Woody Johnson, general manager Joe Douglas, nor head coach Robert Saleh can publicly criticize him, even if they disagree.

Will they criticize Joe Willie Namath? The Jets are the Jets because of Namath, according to Russo.

"The issue is that Zach Wilson has been murdered by every Jets fan I am aware of. Tarred and feathered once more.