Couple Went as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce for Halloween in 2020, the Post's Caption Aged Perfectly

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Makayla Stephens and her husband Nick appeared in a resurfaced Instagram image decked out as the "Cruel Summer" singer and Kansas City Chiefs tight end, respectively.

For Halloween in 2020, a couple who dressed as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce seem to have foreseen their relationship. 

Instagram user Makayla Stephens and her husband Nick Stephens dressed up as the singer and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end in a post from October 31, 2020, and the caption that went along with it has aged beautifully. 

I'm not aware of any universe in which Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce would be present in the same space, but it seems that in this one, they are wed. When that happened, Makayla posted, "#HappyHalloween. 

While Makayla donned white jeans, a pink sweater, and a pink glitter heart around her right eye that appeared to be inspired by Swift's Lover album cover, Nick was wearing Kelce's No. 87 jersey and had eye black beneath his eyes.

Due to reports of Swift and Kelce's alleged romance, the post appeared again this week on X, and many social media users couldn't help but comment on the image in light of the latest developments.

One commenter in the comments section said, "You should go and buy lottery tickets," and another said, "I feel like they owe you a double date."

Both Swift and Kelce, both 33, made news on Sunday when Swift stood by Kelce as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Chicago Bears 41-10.