Deion Sanders’ son Shilo hospitalized after Oregon loss: ‘Peeing blood’

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Shilo Sanders had a really poor day on Saturday, and it wasn't just because Colorado lost to Oregon in a rout.

The Buffaloes safety, who is also the head coach Deion Sanders' son, was taken to the hospital following the game with unspecified but clearly painful injuries.

As he got off the team's charter plane on Saturday night, Shilo said, "I can't claim I didn't play hard, I'm peeing blood right now.

The defensive back was asked if he was okay, and he responded, "Nah, I made a tackle and I landed on my kidney or something bro, so I gotta go to the ER and get checked."

According to Deion Sanders, things have gotten better since then.

Sanders stated of his son, "He's doing better," as reported by On3.

After we landed, we immediately headed to the hospital. He's doing a lot better now. We hope he recovers quickly so he can play this weekend. He is an important defensive player for our squad and secondary.

"(Shilo's) one of the voices on defense and he plays with a certain physicality that we desire and want. He's given me daily updates trust me, and I'm praying that he can play as a father as well as a coach."

A highlight reel of Oregon's 42-6 thrashing of Colorado was released Monday night, and it featured clips of Shilo insulting the Ducks prior to the game.