‘Furious’ Jets fan loses teeth in anger at team and Zach Wilson’s poor play

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The Jets' fan base is currently furious due to the team's situation.

So much so that one spectator lost his teeth on Sunday at MetLife Stadium while watching the Jets lose to the New England Patriots 15-10.

In the second quarter, with the Jets trailing 3-0, the CBS cameras captured a man in green wearing a poncho yelling at the play on the field. His fangs were protruding from his mouth as he yelled.

They were swiftly captured and placed back into his mouth by him. 

In the video, Jim Nantz tells fellow broadcaster Tony Romo that "Jets fans are furious." 

The Jets struggled against the division foe Patriots on Sunday and lost their second straight game.

On Sunday, things were so terrible that Hall of Famer and former Jets player Joe Namath criticized the coaching staff and starter Zach Wilson on social media.

Namath posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, "I'm starting to wonder if Zach's playing like he's being coached." He is making decisions that are counterintuitive for a quarterback.

Throughout the miserable game, the NFL legend posted a number of times, including that one.