Giants have a crisis on their hands

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A football team's season may be ruined while it takes too long to establish and discover its identity.

Prior to the What Have You Done For Us Lately?, the Giants needed to make a statement about who they are and what they can be on Monday night.

 They were detained by authorities for pretending to be a playoff team.

With road games against the Dolphins and Bills and a 1-5 start looking inevitable, Daniel Jones' 40-cent pass intended for Parris Campbell

which was intercepted by rookie cornerback Devon Witherspoon for 97 yards, appears to be the final nail in the coffin for the Big Blue.

Jones was under siege or running for his life the entire night. Giants 3, Seahawks 21.

Brian Daboll had eschewed a chippie Graham Gano field goal on fourth-and-1 at the Seattle 16, and Jones’ 10-yard run around right end positioned them second-and-goal at the 5.

Campbell went inside and Jones’ 40-cent throw went outside and it was game over. And if you are a Giants fan, you are hard-pressed today not to think it is season over.