Healthy Costa drinks: All our fave Costa drinks that come in at under 100 calories

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Cappuccino (Regular, No Sugar): Savor the rich flavor of a classic cappuccino without the guilt – it's under 100 calories when you skip the sugar!

Cortado (Small): This espresso cut with a small amount of warm milk is perfect for those looking for a creamy coffee fix that won't break the calorie bank.

Mint Infusion: Refreshing and calorie-conscious, Costa's mint infusion is a delightful herbal option to keep you cool and hydrated.

Lemon and Ginger Infusion: Enjoy the zing of lemon and warmth of ginger in this caffeine-free drink that's light on calories but heavy on flavor.

Flat White (Small, Skimmed Milk): Opt for a small flat white with skimmed milk for a creamy, satisfying coffee experience without the calorie overload.

Americano (Regular, No Sugar): Keep it simple and light with a regular Americano – no sugar needed to enjoy its robust coffee taste.

Iced Espresso (Small, Skimmed Milk): Stay cool and caffeinated with an iced espresso made with skimmed milk, all under 100 calories.

English Breakfast Tea (Regular, No Sugar): For tea lovers, Costa's English Breakfast Tea is a comforting choice without the added sugar.

Green Tea (Regular, No Sugar): Boost your metabolism and stay healthy with Costa's green tea, a low-calorie option with numerous health benefits.

Hot Chocolate (Small, Skimmed Milk, No Cream): Indulge your sweet tooth sensibly with a small hot chocolate made with skimmed milk and no cream.