How to apply eyeliner after 40 & the best ones to use

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Embrace Liquid Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliners offer precise application, reducing smudging.

Opt for Brown Shades: Soft brown liners create a natural, youthful look.

Avoid Heavy Lines: Thin lines enhance the eyes without overpowering them.

Primer is Your Friend: Eyelid primer prevents creasing and improves liner longevity.

Go for Waterproof: Waterproof eyeliners prevent smudging throughout the day.

Wing it Right: A subtle wing lifts the eyes, giving a more youthful appearance.

Gel Liners for Versatility: Gel eyeliners are easy to apply and can be smudged for a softer look.

Lift with Lash Curling: Curling lashes before applying liner opens up the eyes.

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