How to Boost Digestion When You Overeat

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1. Sip on Ginger Tea:Ginger's natural enzymes can help ease digestion and reduce discomfort after overeating. Steep ginger slices in hot water for a soothing remedy.

2. Take a Gentle Stroll:A leisurely post-meal walk aids digestion by promoting the movement of food through the digestive tract.

3. Opt for Probiotic Foods:Yogurt and fermented foods like kimchi contain probiotics that support a healthy gut and improve digestion.

4. Chew Thoroughly:Chewing food slowly and thoroughly helps break it down, making it easier for your stomach to process.

5. Stay Hydrated:Adequate water intake prevents constipation, aiding digestion and helping your body process excess food efficiently.

6. Try Fennel Seeds:Fennel seeds can ease bloating and indigestion. Chew on a teaspoon of them after meals.

7. Mindful Eating:Practice mindful eating to prevent overindulgence. Pay attention to hunger cues and savor each bite.

8. Aloe Vera Juice:Aloe vera juice can soothe your stomach and alleviate digestive discomfort.

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