6 Style and Dress Tricks to Hide a Belly Bulge

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Choose High-Waisted Bottoms: Opt for pants and skirts that sit higher on your waist to create the illusion of a flatter tummy.

Layer Smartly: Layering with lightweight, long tops or cardigans can conceal your belly while adding a stylish touch to your outfit.

Wear Shapewear: Invest in quality shapewear that smooths and shapes your midsection discreetly under your clothes.

Strategic Patterns: Go for vertical stripes or dark-colored clothing to visually elongate your torso and divert attention from your belly.

A-Line Dresses: Flattering A-line dresses create a slimming effect by flowing away from the midsection.

Belt It Right: Choose wide belts worn at your natural waist to cinch and define your waistline.

Wrap Dresses: Wrap-style dresses create a flattering V-neckline and cinch at the waist, making your belly less noticeable.

Ruched Tops: Tops with ruching or draping in the midsection can mask any bulges effectively.

Empire Waist Tops: These tops have a seam right under the bust, concealing the belly area beautifully.

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