It's hard to get past how bad Zach Wilson has been

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Older Jets supporters recall a time when supporting the team included all of this.

It may have even included a mandatory fee for following Broadway Joe on that historic 55-year run to victory. 

One of the great ironies of the legendary Namath years was that at one point, his indestructibility was one of his best traits.

After taking over as the Jets' starting in the second game of the 1965 season in lieu of Mike Taliaferro, Namath went 77-for-77 in his first 77 career starts despite having disastrous knees.

Even though there were periods when he could hardly move, he opened the door. 

Following that, Namath only participated in 28 of the 58 games the Jets played because to injuries to his knee (1971) and shoulder (1973). 

In those years, Namath was primarily known to Jets' fans from television ads for Noxzema, "The Brady Bunch" and movies, with sporadic appearances on the football field. 

There, Al Woodall (in 1970, '71, and '73), Bob Davis (in '71), and Bill Demory (in '73) dominated as the Jets' coaches.

Not surprisingly, they suffered in Namath’s absence, going 9-21 in the games Namath missed in those four years. And the quarterback play was … putting it kindly, “substandard,” certainly compared to Namath in his prime.