Jamal Adams considered retirement during injury recovery: ‘I was in a dark place’

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Jamal Adams, a safety for the Seahawks, will play in his first game of the 2023 season against the Giants on "Monday Night Football."

Adams informed reporters on Friday that while recovering from damaging his left quad tendon in the first game of the 2022 season, he thought about quitting football.

It was difficult. Adams told reporters on Friday that he had considered retiring after having his 2022 season cut short and exiting a game against Russell Wilson in his Broncos debut, which the Seahawks went on to win 17-16.

He said, "I gave a number of things some thought. "Is this the last time I do this? I had no idea. However, I gradually came to the realization that I would return after getting that MRI.

A follow-up question was asked why Adams, who’ll turn 28 on Oct. 17, thought of retiring after the setback.

The LSU alum, who spent his first three seasons with the Jets from 2017-19, highlighted the array of injuries he has suffered over the last three years.

Adams has dealt with multiple torn labrums and other injuries to his elbow, groin and hand, and said they weighed on him mentally.

“I was having all types of thoughts running through my mind, but at the time when I did tear my knee, that was definitely something I was considering,” Adams said of retirement. “I was considering everything at the moment.