Jets excited to make Taylor Swift part of their Folklore

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The Jets will "Forever & Always" be the Jets, but if they don't start playing "Fearless" football soon, a "Forever Winter" is on the horizon.

Connor McGovern told The Post, "It's been funny to watch how people are reacting to it."

 "Like the women say, 'He's not renowned. He is a very well-known football player, according to the husbands.

McGovern respects Swift's work despite not being a fan.

He remarked, "She's kind of like the contemporary Michael Jackson. "I think it's cool," you say, "she's probably the biggest performer there is right now."

Nobody other than Patriots coach Bill Belichick was inspired by the 12-time Grammy winner and eight-time Pro Bowler to call it the biggest catch of Kelce's career.

A power duo, according to some, is what C.J. Mosley told The Post.

Swift and Donna Kelce, the ecstatic mother of Eagles center Jason and Travis, cheered for Kelce on Sunday in a suite at Arrowhead Stadium. 

Members of the NFL fraternity have given Travis high praise for his pursuit of Swift, which included an attempt to offer her a friendship bracelet containing his phone number when she performed at Arrowhead in July.

“Big ups to Travis Kelce. I think he’s been trying to get her attention for a while now,” Alijah Vera-Tucker told The Post. “Shoot your shot.”