Joe Namath is fed up with Jets and Zach Wilson: ‘It’s disgusting’

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The Jets' all-time most accomplished quarterback is giving up on Zach Wilson.

After the Jets' Sunday game loss to the Patriots, 15-10, Wilson, the second overall choice in the 2021 draft, has come under fire.

 in which he only managed to gain 4.4 yards per attempt on average, and who has generally not demonstrated the ability to be a successful professional quarterback.

On "The Michael Kay Show" on ESPN New York on Monday, the 80-year-old Namath was asked if he had learned anything useful from Wilson's performance on Sunday.

"No, yesterday didn't teach me anything useful. 

Wilson, who was thrown into action, was praised by head coach Robert Saleh on numerous occasions.

 The team's starting quarterback, who took over for Aaron Rodgers when he sustained a season-ending Achilles injury in Week 1 against the Bills.

Guys, he's our undeniable quarterback, Saleh said to reporters on Monday. "So long as he keeps demonstrating in his preparedness.

 guys, the manner in which he has been practicing and even in these games. We did not lose yesterday because of him. Always a group effort. 

He will serve as our quarterback as long as he shows development, which I know isn't happening based on the box score.