Jets only have one hope at fixing their Zach Wilson mess

Gray Frame Corner

Zach Wilson is still the backup quarterback who hasn't grown into a starter in the NFL.

The boo birds who booed him for the most of Sunday's 15th straight defeat to Bill Belichick would cheer for Joe Namath, 80, tottering into the huddle or Aaron Rodgers, a quarterback wearing a boot.

Now that it has been painfully revealed, it is obvious that Rodgers' injury cost the Jets' season.

The Jets, who lost to the Patriots by a score of 15-10, can speak all they want about football being a team sport, but this league is dominated by quarterbacks.

Douglas can’t go shop at any starting quarterback store.

The best he can seemingly do is upgrade from Tim Boyle at backup quarterback, and not fear the possibility of a fan uproar the next time Wilson puts 10 points on the scoreboard.

He gave them no chance to win against Belichick, a predictable mismatch of gargantuan proportions, unless the Jets defense could have scored itself.

It starts with him not holding the ball forever … and being sacked for a safety. It starts with him throwing with more accuracy [18-36, 157 yards].

Although it is still early in the season for a squad to fracture and combust, tensions between Garrett Wilson, offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, Michael Carter