Jets ‘ready to fracture’ with Zach Wilson: Mike Greenberg

Gray Frame Corner

One of the Jets' most ardent supporters is about to leave.

The unapologetic Jets supporter and ESPN commentator Mike Greenberg, who this year saw the Jets acquire Aaron Rodgers, seems to have reached a new low.

The Jets are depending on Zach Wilson to keep the squad together while Rodgers is out with a torn Achilles tendon.

However, Wilson is breaking down under the strain, reaching his lowest point in Sunday's 15-10 loss to the Patriots.

In honor of Wilson, Greenberg sobbed on "Get Up" on Monday.

He is not permitted to play for the Jets ever again. They are no longer eligible to win anything this year.

 They are not far away. Greenberg yelled, "They're finished. "If they put Zach Wilson out there one more time, they should try to keep this thing together.

 Like Michael Carter, Garrett Wilson is about to lose it. They will all snap out of it.