Garrett Wilson’s plea in midst of Jets frustration: ‘Stick with us’

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Garrett Wilson wants the ball because he thinks he can ignite the Jets with huge plays.

Garrett Wilson revealed the source of his feelings two days after he was spotted having an angry sideline discussion with quarterback Zach Wilson and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett as the offense faltered in a defeat to the Patriots.

"I'm always coming from a winning mindset," he declared. "I've always contributed to the success of the teams I've been a part of.

We strive so hard every week to deliver a fantastic product to the field, but we haven't been successful in doing so. That's the worst thing about it.

The Post and Garrett Wilson shared a seat in the "Ultimate New York Jets Fan Room."

The hotel room, which Wilson described as "made for the Jets fan who wants to segue into watching the game the next day," is available from September 28 through October 15 at the Courtyard by Marriott in Secaucus.

and features an artificial turf wall, locker-themed closets, and team-themed souvenirs.

Keep on going, Garrett pleaded. "We want it more than anyone. We aspire to excellence. From here, things can only get better. I always think like that.

Garrett stated, "I do feel for Zach, and I know that the way he goes about things on a daily basis is probably what keeps his mind off it.