Julius Randle falls for wife’s Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce prank

Gray Frame Corner

The latest participant in the social media craze that made Julius Randle throw a fit and was videotaped is Kendra Randle.

The Knicks power forward was the victim of his wife's antics after she posted his response to her remarks about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's developing romance.

Isn't it amazing how, say, Taylor Swift made Travis Kelce famous? she asked. Like nobody was aware of who he was.

Julius Randle's initial response could only be described as disbelief.

He asked, "You filming right now?" Nobody was aware of Travis Kelce? Are you absolutely insane?

After being linked earlier this month, the Kelce-Swift rumors have brought two different fanbases together.

Swifties began playing practical jokes on their ardent football fans by claiming that Swift's developing infatuation with the Chiefs tight end has "put him on the map."

In shock, Randle remarked that "every football fan and a lot of people outside of football, a lot of people knew who he was."

In fact, before his relationship with the pop star, Kelce was widely known for being an eight-time Pro-Bowler, four-time All-Pro and two-time Super Bowl champion.