Browns: Nick Chubb's high school honored the running back on Friday

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When it was revealed that they think running back Nick Chubb merely tore his MCL in Monday night's loss to the Steelers

the Cleveland Browns received positive news concerning his long-term health on Saturday. 

Seeing the team's best offensive weapon in discomfort while also knowing that his season was finished was heartbreaking.

Chubb's former high school recognized its alumni during their most recent football game on Friday Night, as the Browns attempt to resolve some issues this week against the Titans.

Chubb has really embraced the Batman persona and his high school used that fact to design the banner that honored him.

The Browns hope that the combination of Jerome Ford and the return of Kareem Hunt can help fill the void.

Due to his injury, his streak of four consecutive Pro Bowl appearances will come to an end, and Chubb's absence makes the Browns' path to the postseason much more difficult.

It is obviously impossible to replace what Nick Chubb brings to your team so it’s time for Deshaun Watson and the passing offense to shoulder that burden

During his time in college, Chubb also sustained a significant knee injury that halted his sophomore campaign early after a season in which he won the SEC Freshman of the Year award.