Kay Adams claps back at fan who criticized her on-air appearance

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During a recent episode of her "Up & Adams" show, the FanDuel TV host lashed back at someone on X, formerly known as Twitter, who claimed she appeared to have just rolled out of bed.

Everyone like Kay Adams, and it's clear that she does a fantastic job

 but I have to wonder whether there is a clause in her contract that allows her to wear whatever she wants to work. 

In response to a video Adams shared, in which she was sporting a brown sweatshirt, user @topha333 wrote.

The brown sweatshirt, they continued, "screams 'I just rolled out of bed and tossed this on,'" even though she still looks fantastic.

She explained, "Because I just rolled out of bed and tossed it on."

“Just be yourself Kay we love you here in New England,” one fan said, to which Adams replied, “Love y’all.”

Many fans agreed Adams looked beautiful while on-air and defended her outfit choice, saying her attire wasn’t a concern.

Does her attire have any effect on her work that I'm not aware of? a follower wrote. You mentioned that she was skilled at her work, but how does one piece of clothing detract from that?

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