Michigan State fires Mel Tucker following sexual harassment allegations

Gray Frame Corner

Football coach Mel Tucker has been formally dismissed by Michigan State.

In response to sexual harassment claims, athletic director Alan Haller terminated Tucker's four-year contract on Wednesday.

 This involved masturbating while speaking on the phone with a rape victim and campaigner.

According to Michigan State, the contract is being terminated "for cause."

The university's rational and justified decision to terminate your contract for cause was to "present reason to the Athletic Director and the University's President as to why [why] [you] should not be terminated on the ground state," according to the notice to Tucker. 

 "No statement in your attorney's Response attempting to undermine the jurisdiction of the investigation, justify your actions, or call into question the University's rational and justified decision to terminate your contract for cause," the notice to Tucker read.

It doesn't matter if, as you claim, these behaviors took place outside of your place of employment and were allegedly consenting.

 It is unprofessional and immoral to flirt, make sexual remarks, or masturbate while on the phone with a University vendor, the University has declared.