Patriots fan killed in fight at Gillette Stadium reportedly being laid to rest in Mac Jones jersey

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According to reports, the lifelong New England Patriots fan who passed away after being assaulted by a Miami Dolphins fan will be buried on Tuesday wearing quarterback Mac Jones' jersey.

On September 17, a fight at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, that was caught on camera left Dale Mooney, 53, unconscious and eventually dead.

Mooney donned a jersey for the team's 25-year-old signal caller during visiting hours on Monday at Kent & Pelczar Funeral Home & Crematory in his hometown of Newmarket, New Hampshire, according to the Messenger.

It was unclear if Mooney was wearing the same Jones shirt from his final game.

The longtime fan, who is anticipated to be cremated in a private ceremony on Tuesday, also had a Patriots flag flown above the funeral home in his honor.

Mooney, according to the Norfolk County District Attorney's Office, did not experience a "traumatic injury" but rather a "medical issue," which it could not further describe.

The DA's office stated that more testing is required and that the precise cause and manner of death are still unknown.

Police and security personnel arrived at the stadium's upper deck about 11 p.m. and discovered Mooney "in apparent need of medical attention," according to the district attorney's office.

A witness said he saw Mooney get into a physical confrontation with a group of other men before an unidentified Dolphins fan walked over and slugged him.