Red Sox ‘furious’ over Curt Schilling sharing Tim Wakefield cancer news

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A lot of people are "furious" with Curt Schilling, including Tim and Stacy Wakefield and the Boston Red Sox. 

Red Sox reporter Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe claims that.

Without obtaining authorization, Schilling revealed that the former Red Sox pitcher had been given a brain cancer diagnosis and that his wife was "very sick with pancreatic cancer."

Abraham wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, "To say that people with the Sox and others around Tim and Stacy are furious is an understatement." 

Schilling's illegal remarks compelled the Red Sox to handle the Wakefield predicament.

which he even admitted he hadn't been given the go-ahead to discuss by the Wakefields. 

We are aware of the claims and questions regarding Tim and Stacy Wakefield's health. 

Unfortunately, without their consent, this information has been made public, the team said in a statement.

As they undergo therapy and battle this sickness, their health is a profoundly personal topic that they meant to remain secret.