Sean Penn's Shocking Trade Offer Over AI: Studio Execs' Daughters Involved!

Gray Frame Corner

Sean Penn joins a growing list of actors worried about the use of artificial intelligence in Hollywood. The debate? Studios using actors' likeness and voices without their consent.

In a recent interview, Penn made a startling offer: "You want my scans and voice data? I want your daughter’s likeness for a virtual party."

Penn believes the studio's AI suggestions show "a lack of morality." He challenges execs, asking if they'd be comfortable with his proposal.

Penn addressed the ongoing writers strike at Cannes, highlighting the industry's long history of undermining writers, actors, and directors.

Penn, also a writer-director, called the pushback on AI use in Hollywood "a human obscenity." He suggests renaming the Producers Guild to "Bankers Guild."

SAG-AFTRA and the Writers Guild of America are on strike. A major issue? The use and regulation of AI, with concerns about replacing human roles.

SAG-AFTRA claims studios' plans could replace actors with digital replicas. The AMPTP, however, seeks informed consent and fair compensation.

Many in Hollywood see AI as a threat. SAG-AFTRA's president warns of the dangers of replacing humans with AI, calling it thoughtless and dangerous.

Backing Hollywood writers at Cannes, Penn labels the use of AI as a "human obscenity," emphasizing the need for human touch in the arts.