Taylor Swift transforms Jets Chiefs into spectacle of a different kind

Gray Frame Corner

Even if you find Swift's attention theft of the industry annoying, you cannot claim it is unjustified. 

Swift would likely be the most well-known musician or actress/actor to date an active athlete during the height of their fame if the two were dating, though I'm skeptical.

(Madonna and Dennis Rodman's relationship might be the sole rival. After Joe DiMaggio retired, he finally got to meet Marilyn Monroe. I devoted entirely too much effort to this investigation.)

Instead, we will witness the Chiefs (2-1) enter as 912-point underdogs against a quarterback (Zach Wilson) whose performance tempts spectators to turn away

who has only managed 10 points for the Jets (1-2) in each of their last two games.

Even with the mismatch, "Sunday Night Football" might still set new records for viewership.

Taylor Swift is reportedly going to be at MetLife Stadium to assist Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce just one week after her participation at Kansas City's 41-10 thrashing of the Bears helped draw 24.3 million viewers 

 the most-watched telecast of the week on any network.

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