The best colors to complement grey hair over 70

Gray Frame Corner

5 Stunning Colors to Complement Grey Hair Over 70

Rich Burgundy: A deep burgundy hue adds warmth and vibrancy to grey hair, creating a sophisticated contrast that flatters mature skin tones.

Soft Lavender: Lavender undertones can beautifully enhance grey hair, giving it a soft, ethereal quality that's both trendy and age-appropriate.

Warm Honey Blonde: Opt for a honey blonde shade to infuse a youthful glow into your grey locks, brightening your complexion effortlessly.

Classic Silver: Embrace the silver trend by enhancing your grey hair's natural beauty with a touch of silver highlights, creating a chic and timeless look.

Sage Green: A subtle sage green can complement grey hair exquisitely, lending a unique and contemporary twist to your overall appearance.

Sunshine Yellow Spark:Bring sunshine to your life with cheerful yellow, making your gray hair stand out in the most vibrant way.

Bold Burgundy Bliss:Unleash your inner daring with deep burgundy hues that infuse richness into your overall aesthetic.

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