The biggest lesson WWE star Carmella learned during pregnancy journey

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WWE star Carmella has found it "cathartic and rewarding" to share her pregnant journey.

Leah Van Dale, as Carmella, said in May that she and her former wrestler husband Corey Graves were getting married.

 Currently working as a WWE commentator, they are having a boy this fall following two traumatic miscarriages the previous year.

Van Dale, 35, said she's discovered just "how strong" she really is as she considers this chapter of her life.

"I think that's something that, until you get pushed to the limit and your boundaries are tested, you're put in these situations, you don't realize how strong you actually are," Van Dale recently said to The Post.

"Despite knowing that, I have a general admiration for our bodies since it is just so amazing to observe all the changes.

 My body had experienced a few miscarriages, yet despite that, it was still able to carry a child and have this wonderful experience.

Van Dale, a former women’s tag-team champion and SmackDown women’s champion, revealed in October 2022 that she suffered an ectopic pregnancy, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, occurs when a fertilized egg attaches itself outside the uterus, potentially inside a fallopian tube.