The case against retiring Carmelo Anthony's Knicks jersey in the MSG rafters

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Mixed Legacy: Carmelo Anthony, while talented, had a polarizing tenure with the Knicks, marked by inconsistency and playoff disappointments.

Lack of Championships: The Knicks have retired jerseys of legendary champions; Melo's tenure yielded no championships or even NBA Finals appearances.

Franchise Standards: Retiring a jersey should be reserved for players who significantly impact the franchise, but Melo's Knicks stint was overshadowed by off-court drama.

Shorter Stay: Many Knicks legends had longer, more enduring careers with the team, while Melo played just over six seasons in the Big Apple.

Limited Playoff Success: While Melo brought the Knicks to the playoffs, they only advanced beyond the first round once during his time.

Playoff Drought: The Knicks missed the playoffs during several of Melo's years.

Team Over Individual: MSG rafters are reserved for players who prioritize team success.

Off-Court Drama: Off-court distractions occasionally overshadowed his on-court play.

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