TikTok star issues tearful apology after revealing she owns her own home aged 21

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Katylee Bailey, a 21-year-old TikTok influencer from Bradford, took a significant step onto the property ladder. She celebrated this milestone by sharing a video with her 2.8 million followers.

The video showcased Katylee popping a bottle of confetti. Captioned "Biggest achievement of my life. Here’s to my new chapter," it garnered nearly four million views.

Katylee, who once was a university student, now thrives as a full-time content creator on TikTok. Her journey is a testament to the platform's potential.

While many celebrated her achievement, some followers expressed their struggles amidst the cost-of-living crisis. One commented about not affording a dairy milk bar.

In response to the feedback, Katylee posted another video. She expressed how "lucky" she felt and apologized to those who thought she was bragging.

Katylee emphasized that she didn't grow up with money. Owning a home at 21 was beyond her wildest dreams.

Many fans rallied behind Katylee. One admirer noted how, unlike other influencers, she invested wisely in a home rather than luxury items.

Miriam Mullins, another influencer, praised Katylee. She mentioned, "You deserve it so much Katylee. It’s just jealous people."

Katylee Bailey's journey is an inspiration. From university dropout to a successful TikTok content creator and homeowner, she's a testament to hard work and determination.