Top 5 Looks - "The Hunger Games"

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Katniss Everdeen's Fiery Girl on Fire Costume: Katniss' stunning red and gold outfit symbolized her resilience and became an iconic symbol of the rebellion.

Effie Trinket's Extravagant Capitol Couture: Effie's ever-changing avant-garde ensembles showcased the Capitol's extravagance and fashion-forward style.

Cinna's Simple Elegance: Cinna's understated yet elegant designs emphasized Katniss' authenticity amidst the Capitol's excess.

Peeta Mellark's Stylish Transformation: From the coal mines to the Capitol, Peeta's wardrobe evolution reflects his journey and growing confidence.

Johanna Mason's Fearless Punk-Inspired Look: Johanna's edgy style and shaved head made a bold statement, reflecting her rebellious spirit in Panem.

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