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Victoria Beckham: A Fashion Icon - Complete Relationship Timeline

The Spice Girl Era Begins (1997): Victoria Beckham, then known as "Posh Spice," met David Beckham at a charity football match, marking the start of their iconic love story.

Engagement Bliss (1998): The power couple announced their engagement, capturing the world's attention with Victoria's stunning engagement ring.

Wedding of the Century (1999): Victoria and David tied the knot in a lavish ceremony, setting new standards for celebrity weddings.

Family Expands (1999-2002): The couple welcomed their first son, Brooklyn, in 1999, followed by Romeo in 2002, solidifying their status as a glamorous family.

The "Golden Couple" (2000s): Victoria and David became the epitome of style, often seen in matching outfits at high-profile events.

Beckham Branding (2000s): The couple collaborated on various fashion ventures, including fragrances, clothing lines, and endorsements.

Crisis Rumors (2004): Rumors of marital problems swirled, but the couple remained strong, debunking the tabloid gossip.

Crowning Achievement (2011): Victoria's fashion label gained critical acclaim, solidifying her status as a respected designer.

Brood of Four (2011-2017): The Beckhams welcomed daughter Harper in 2011 and son Cruz in 2005, completing their beautiful family.

Royal Recognition (2017): Victoria received an OBE for her contributions to fashion and charity work, a testament to her success.

Beckham's Bond (2020s): Despite their busy careers, Victoria and David's relationship remains a beacon of strength and love.