what place in the world has the youngest drinking age

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5 Countries with the World's Youngest Drinking Ages

Germany: With a minimum legal drinking age of 16 for beer and wine, Germany allows teenagers to enjoy these beverages under parental supervision. It's a part of their cultural norm, promoting responsible drinking.

Austria: Austria permits 16-year-olds to consume beer and wine, fostering a culture of moderate alcohol consumption at a young age. The legal drinking age for spirits is 18, ensuring a gradual introduction to stronger beverages.

Switzerland: In Switzerland, young adults can savor beer and wine from the age of 16, while stronger alcoholic drinks are off-limits until they turn 18. The Swiss approach emphasizes responsible drinking education.

Greece: Greece sets its drinking age at 17, allowing teenagers to appreciate the country's rich wine culture. This policy encourages responsible consumption and cultural appreciation of wine.

Belgium: Belgians can enjoy beer and wine at 16, reinforcing the country's beer culture. The legal drinking age for spirits is 18, emphasizing a gradual transition to stronger alcoholic beverages.