Why We Suspect Krishna Was On A Keto Diet

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Dairy Devotee: Krishna's love for dairy products like butter and yogurt aligns with the high-fat intake of a keto diet.

Controlled Carb Intake: His preference for simple foods like vegetables and grains suggests a low-carb approach.

Energy Levels: His boundless energy and endurance during his adventures could be attributed to ketosis.

Fasting Practices: Krishna's occasional fasting resembles intermittent fasting, a keto-friendly practice.

Lean Physique: Despite indulging in fats, he maintained a lean and agile physique.

Mental Clarity: His wisdom and sharp intellect might be linked to the mental clarity often reported on keto.

Spiritual Growth: Ketosis can promote a heightened sense of spirituality, as seen in Krishna's teachings.

Non-Sugar Cravings: His avoidance of sugary treats reflects keto's aversion to sugar.

Sustained Hunger: Krishna's ability to go long hours without food parallels the appetite control in ketosis.

Longevity: His enduring presence and timeless appeal could be attributed to the potential anti-aging effects of keto.

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