‘Writing on the wall’ for Sterling Shepard with curious Giants decision

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At the end of a week when he might have easily felt like a pariah and been reduced to a quarterback basket case, he behaved and spoke like the franchise quarterback is expected to.

Zach Wilson lost his cool on Thursday in the locker room as Jets supporters

even those who aren't named Joe Namath, wished he'd show up on Any Given Sunday, particularly this one with Patrick Mahomes on the other side, and act and sound like a franchise quarterback.

Wilson advised me to "keep believing" when I asked him what he would say to Jets supporters who had grown weary of him. Keep your faith.

"We're making every effort possible and are hopeful that their

Sitting on a seat in front of his locker with a big media entourage surrounding Daniel Jones nearby, Shepard told The Post on Thursday

 "If I worry too much about all that other stuff I can send myself down a rabbit hole and have a whole bunch of 'poor me' situations."

"I'm not going to let that happen; I'm just going to wait and stay ready. There isn't anything else I can do. My complaining about it won't accomplish much.