Yankees in dire need of a front-office evolution

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The Bronx saw the first game of the 2024 Yankees season

 which was played in dreadful conditions in front of a small crowd of spectators but was full of significance for the visiting Diamondbacks and of no immediate value to the host team.

The Yankees' captain, Aaron Judge, insisted that adjustments would need to be made the day before, which was the formal elimination day.

 Prior to the home finale, Aaron Boone followed suit on Monday morning. Even though Mr. Hicks was unavailable for comment, it could have been an Aaron thing.

Whatever happens, Judge will participate in offseason deliberations.

Boone is unknown to the general public until Hal Steinbrenner divulges the precise number of firings that will occur from the team missing the playoffs for the first time since 2016. 

The owner of the Yankees has committed to hire an outside company to investigate what went wrong.

There is no easy solution. Those who shout about "analytics" surely can't explain what analytics are or how the Yankees' version of them varies from those other metric-heavy postseason contenders like the Dodgers, Orioles

Orioles, and Rays in a cohesive phrase. However, I think that this is where the Yankees' issues started since Brian Cashman's baseball operations started treating analytics more like a bible than a tool.