Zac Jones encouraged by Rangers second chance in long look during preseason opener

Gray Frame Corner

Since the start of his first training camp as the Rangers' head coach, Peter Laviolette has been thorough in all of his choices.

Every day's division of the players was clearly planned in advance.

Also selected for a reason was the group of players who took part in the Rangers' first preseason game on Sunday.

After the game, Jones told The Post, "It's definitely encouraging." "I know there will be ups and downs this year, and that is the biggest thing for me.

I wasn't really sure how to manage them either last year. I'm in a good frame of mind and ready to roll with the punches this year.

The best he can seemingly do is upgrade from Tim Boyle at backup quarterback, and not fear the possibility of a fan uproar the next time Wilson puts 10 points on the scoreboard.

I'm simply going along with it. I'm eager for the coming year.

Jones was re-signed by the Rangers to a two-year, $1.625 million contract in June, and he is again competing for the sixth defenseman spot for the second consecutive season.

The Rangers made the trade with the knowledge that Jones would once more be a strong contender for the final defensive berth.

Erik Gustafsson, a former player of Laviolette's, was also brought in by the organization to battle for the position and serve as a backup in case the young blueliner failed to capture it.