Zach Wilson is ‘ignoring the noise’ — but he still has to prove doubters wrong

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At the end of a week when he might have easily felt like a pariah and been reduced to a quarterback basket case, he behaved and spoke like the franchise quarterback is expected to.

Zach Wilson lost his cool on Thursday in the locker room as Jets supporters, even those who aren't named Joe Namath, wished he'd show up on Any Given Sunday

particularly this one with Patrick Mahomes on the other side, and act and sound like a franchise quarterback.

Wilson advised me to "keep believing" when I asked him what he would say to Jets supporters who had grown weary of him. Keep your faith.

"We're making every effort possible and are hopeful that their

But he looks you in the eye nevertheless and tells you: “We’re three games into the season. There’s no reason to freak out and panic right now.

Only two years ago, he was the toast of the town, branded by Tony Romo as a quarterback with a Mahomes ceiling … and now, he is on the brink of being toast if he cannot get off the canvas.

New York can be a town without pity for a wide-eyed kid from Draper, Utah. Who was supposed to be standing on the sideline watching Aaron Rodgers this season after two years of surrendering his right to the starting job.